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Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Adjust Your Carburetor The Right Way

Carburetor Adjusting
In the Winter time you should try and adjust your carbs for the cold Winter weather. In this article I will explain how to adjust your carburetor right the first time for the cold winter ahead. Most carburetors are basically the same when it comes to setting or adjusting your fuel mixtures to the outside climate where ever you live at. The main thing to remember about adjusting a carburetor for the colder weather is that it takes a richer mixture for the car to start and stay running. Carburetor adjusting for the cold Winter Weather should be done in the Fall. Whether it is a Rochester dual or quadro jet type of carburetor or Ford's Motor craft type of carb. setting the choke and the air fuel mixtures should be set a little rich.


When you first start your carbureted vehicle in the cold Winter weather you need to set the automatic carburetor choke by tapping on the gas pedal a few times. If you are watching the choke linkage on your carburetor you will see the choke plate snap all the way closed. Another thing that happens while you are tapping your throttle pedal is your carburetors accelerator pump should be squirting a steady stream of gas downward inside of the intake manifold. If you don't see the steady stream of fuel shooting out from the accelerator pump in your carburetor then carburetor adjusting for the cold Winter weather will not work. You will need to replace the carburetors accelerator pump.


Okay once your carburetor has closed the choke plate and your accelerator pump has pumped a few strong streams of fuel the car should start with the linkage set on the fast idle cam. You can now adjust your fast idle speed on your carburetor by a screw that is located on the lower left side of your carburetor under the choke. At this point you can check the operation of your primary and secondary choke pull offs on your carburetor which is vacuum controlled. If the choke pull offs on your carburetor is not retracting then you need to replace your carburetors choke pull offs. If they are working properly then you can rich-en up these pull off settings either by bending the carburetors choke linkage or by the adjusting screw on the choke pull off itself. By adjusting your choke pull offs your carburetor adjusting for the cold Winter weather will improve how your vehicle runs cold.


After a few minutes you can hit the throttle pedal to kick down the choke linkage to the basic idle position. By now your electric carburetor choke should be wide open and your basic idle speed on your carburetor should be around 750 to 800 RPMs. I hope this carburetor adjustments for the cold winter weather article will help you better understand of how your carburetor works with a cold engine.

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