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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Diagnose Your Cars Misfire at Home!

If you plan on saving a whole bunch of money on car repairs to your ignition system, I would suggest you visit my other blog at DiagnoseCarMisfires/Blog. I have laid out a Do it Yourself guide for diagnosing car misfires at home. I have labeled them as Part 1 and Part 2 for easy to perform understanding. The direct links to the articles are above. Feel free to ask a question or leave a comment there also on these troubleshooting tricks! 

What these 2 articles entail is basically procedures we used when our thousand dollar machines and scanners were unavailable. Actually, there were times when we had to get these cars and trucks moving so all we had was a parking lot to do our work quicker. For example if the car or truck had a misfire, popping, hesitation, on acceleration this procedure saved us over a couple hours of labor. Of course we were instructed not to show this on the invoices. 

The new home at the Diagnose Car Misfires Page, also contains auto repair savings information from other parts of your cars and trucks out there on the road today. We include the vehicle's engine, cooling system, braking systems, and most other major parts of the cars systems there!   For instance we inform you of what to Beware of when it comes to , "Free Brake Inspections" offered out there on the road today. You will not be struck with surprise car estimates when using these tips and advise at home.

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