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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The New Updated Website for You!

Wow I spent 5 years here on Google! We decided to get our own Website to Continue our Information. Please feel free to visit us there! Diagnose Your Car Misfires We understand even with new cars as well as the used cars being purchased today you will experience Engine Misfires. When you do, Visit the Site above so we can help you get that smooth ride again! Thanks again!
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lewis Buick Chevrolet Does it Again!

Lewis Buick Chevrolet once again chases off another potential customer with over aggressive scare tactics! When will car buying here become a happy task? They offered a customer a 2008 Buick for a whopping $15,000.00! The vehicle was 6 years old! They would not budge. The customer then asked for a Carfax Report. The salesman was angered by her request! She called me almost in tears and left there.

When I get more information on this poor woman's experience with Lewis Buick Chevrolet located in Atchison Kansas, 66002 I will pass it on here in this blog.  More........ Diagnose Car Misfires!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Auto Repair Savings-Used Cars New and Used Trucks Lewis Buick Chevrolet 66002


Lewis Buick Chevrolet atchison Kansas 66002

Should of Gone Somewhere Else
I’ve been buying cars and trucks for over 20 years. I even accompanied friends and relatives so they will not be taken advantage of. I thought the computer age would cut down on these cheap dirty and deceitful put on all customers! But to my surprise they are still in use and worse than ever in today’s car dealerships. The tactics used by, Lewis Buick Chevrolet located in Atchison Kansas 66002 was a perfect example of deceitful selling strategy’s. The poor people were treated and assisted last after sitting all day in the lounge. Wow I could not believe this! So if all possible, DO NOT BUY A NEW OR USED VEHICLE HERE in ATCHISON KANSS 66002!

Commission is the dirty word here. I heard the so called sales associates discussing on how to get more money from the customer. The associates at Lewis Buick and Chevrolet located in Atchison Kansas 66002 can not be trusted. They add their names on the tickets so they can get their commission. Ask them if they work for commission. and see what their answers are. My guess is they will dance around your question. They dressed like they just rolled out of bed. I will add that the only associate who was dressed and had a VERY good customer relation was a gentleman named, Donny. So if all possible and get a real good deal ask for Donny. As you can tell, I was a customer willing to put $500 down and after keeping me waiting They had my down payment up to$2,000.I will save this for another blogpost in the future. My next 3 blog posts will be aimed at Lewis Buick Chevrolet in Atchison Kansas 66002. Stay tuned it will be VERY informative.


I noticed one customer who was a Native American could not get any help at all. She sat there all day as like my son and I was. Could this be a sign of Prejudice? I would not doubt it one bit. My question is, after 25 years of buying and working on vehicles, why hasn’t these so called sales associates still show NO respect for the customers who wants a very fun atmosphere when buying a new or used car or truck? I read somewhere that some day sales men and women will be obsolete. So untill you read my next 3 blog posts on Lewis Buick Chevrolet located in Atchison, Kansas 66002, Do Not Buy Here! Keep your documents! You have 2 years to file suit!

See More.... Diagnose Car Misfires!


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