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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Auto Repair Savings-Used Cars New and Used Trucks Lewis Buick Chevrolet 66002


Lewis Buick Chevrolet atchison Kansas 66002

Should of Gone Somewhere Else
I’ve been buying cars and trucks for over 20 years. I even accompanied friends and relatives so they will not be taken advantage of. I thought the computer age would cut down on these cheap dirty and deceitful put on all customers! But to my surprise they are still in use and worse than ever in today’s car dealerships. The tactics used by, Lewis Buick Chevrolet located in Atchison Kansas 66002 was a perfect example of deceitful selling strategy’s. The poor people were treated and assisted last after sitting all day in the lounge. Wow I could not believe this! So if all possible, DO NOT BUY A NEW OR USED VEHICLE HERE in ATCHISON KANSS 66002!

Commission is the dirty word here. I heard the so called sales associates discussing on how to get more money from the customer. The associates at Lewis Buick and Chevrolet located in Atchison Kansas 66002 can not be trusted. They add their names on the tickets so they can get their commission. Ask them if they work for commission. and see what their answers are. My guess is they will dance around your question. They dressed like they just rolled out of bed. I will add that the only associate who was dressed and had a VERY good customer relation was a gentleman named, Donny. So if all possible and get a real good deal ask for Donny. As you can tell, I was a customer willing to put $500 down and after keeping me waiting They had my down payment up to$2,000.I will save this for another blogpost in the future. My next 3 blog posts will be aimed at Lewis Buick Chevrolet in Atchison Kansas 66002. Stay tuned it will be VERY informative.


I noticed one customer who was a Native American could not get any help at all. She sat there all day as like my son and I was. Could this be a sign of Prejudice? I would not doubt it one bit. My question is, after 25 years of buying and working on vehicles, why hasn’t these so called sales associates still show NO respect for the customers who wants a very fun atmosphere when buying a new or used car or truck? I read somewhere that some day sales men and women will be obsolete. So untill you read my next 3 blog posts on Lewis Buick Chevrolet located in Atchison, Kansas 66002, Do Not Buy Here! Keep your documents! You have 2 years to file suit!


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Monday, April 22, 2013

Atchison Kansas Lewis Chevrolet Buick , 66002 BAD USED CARS FOR SALE!


Thinking of buying a new or used vehicle? If you were in northeastern Kansas and looking for a car or truck to purchase, I would advise you to stay away from this place in used car place in Atchison Kansas 66002.  
Lewis Chevrolet Buick located on 314 Woodlawn Avenue was the place I purchased a used vehicle. I would like to share my experience I had with them here. I hope you find this review helpful when shopping for a vehicle to purchase.

These people at Lewis Chevrolet Buick were like vultures devouring a piece of road kill. What I mean is the pressure tactics used on me was unbelievable! I thought buying a new or used vehicle would be a fun experience for me and my 9-year-old son to experience together. Boy was I wrong! First of all they would not give me the time of day until I brought down a check for $2500. I informed them I only wanted to use $1300 of it for a down payment for this particular vehicle. When I got to the signing part of this transaction I saw they charged me $700 too much. My down payment shot up to $2000!

I was very upset at this point and asked them if the needed repairs would be performed since they used quite a bit of my down payment. The repairs included, the Check Engine Light was on, the brakes occasionally went to the floor, the drive shafts were clicking very loud and needed replaced, and the windshield was cracked. Their answer was NO! At this point, I had enough of their rude service. I asked for my down payment check to be returned and handed the keys back to them. They replied, “What Check, It’s already Gone” I could not believe they said that. I do not know how long they want to pursue this lemon they sold me but I haqve all the time in the world.

Rather than causing a scene in front of my son, I told them to just get the car ready I was leaving. Just 2 ½ months later I heard a loud snap under the vehicle and I lost control of the vehicle and struck a light pole. This is a real review of Lewis Chevrolet Buick located in Atchison Kansas 66002. As I said before here, if you are looking for a new or used vehicle to purchase stay away Lewis Buick Chevrolet unless you want to be taken for a ride. Over all my review and experience I had with place is Stay Away! All but one salesman were very rude and showed no professionalism when purchasing this used car. My next task is locating an attorney. Being a minority I could hear the snickers and laughs dumping this old piece of crap on me.

Lets cut to the chase here on Lewis Chevrolet Buick located in Atchison Kansas 66002. Untill I can find out which axle snapped in two and why the brakes failed to slow or stop me down Lewis Chevrolet Buick will pay dearly! For more auto repair savings please visit my site at, “Auto Repair Savings



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Friday, February 22, 2013

Auto Repair Fast Tips For Winter Driving

Winter time has finally made it here and below are some, "Fast Winter Time Driving Tips".

  1. If your cooling system shows up a nice green or red color, don't worry about your cooling system it is fine.
  2. Have your thermostat and gasket changed once a year. It's cheap enough of a job!
  3. Dont let the Auto Repair Shops out there frighten you. Get a second opinion if you can.
  4. It is rare to see fuel line freeze ups here! Do not waste your money on fuel addatives.
  5. If you are driving a front wheel drive vehicle, put your best tires on the front.
I hope these fast tips for winter time driving will be useful to you when you are out there driving on the roads. Be safe and make sure your windshield wiper fluid is not watered down.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Tune-Up Tips- When to Get Your Truck or Car Tuned up/Spark plugs etc.

Auto Repair Savings
When to get your car or truck tuned up is not a very hard question if you look at a few things. The first thing you can do to find out if your car needs a tune-up which is the easiest thing here is to pull a spark plug out and examine it. After 20-30 thousand miles the center electrode will begin to wear down forming an increased gap and begin to round off. At this time if you determine that a car or truck tune-up is needed, remove the rest of the spark plugs and replace them with new ones.

Examine each spark plug as you remove them and look for signs of a black shiny substance on them. If you find one then this tells you that you are leaking oil into that cylinder from either your piston rings or your valve guide seals. A white chalky appearance would let you know that your engine is burning on the lean side which is good. Now on the other hand if you noticed a black carbon appearance this means your engine is running rich which is a bad thing and you need to have your car or truck looked at by an engine performance expert hopefully ASE certified. Here are a few more ways you can tell if you need a tune-up on your vehicle.

1.      If your car or truck has over 30,000 miles on it.

2.      Your “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on.

3.      You just purchased a used car and you want to keep track of your vehicle maintenance schedules.

4.      If you noticed that under a load such as driving up a hill and you feel the engine cutting out, you need a tune-up.

5.      Planning a road trip and you want to make sure that your car or truck is going to make it to your destination ok.

Important Reminders: Car and truck tune-ups can be classified in 2 categories. You either need a minor tune-up or a major tune-up depending on the mileage on your vehicle. I will discuss the difference in my next article. Most of the newer cars and trucks built today require the use of platinum plugs which auto makers claim should last you up to 100,000 miles before needing to be changed out. My experience tells me that this just isn’t true. For more auto repair savings and tips please visit my blog at, “Auto RepairSavings And my Special Links.” Happy driving!       -The Autodude-

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Atchison Kansas 66002 Used Car Buying Tips To Remember

This next post will be very interesting for you. I get to go out and try to buy a car or truck in this small town of Atchison Kansas 66002. It has one car lot. Check back in a few weeks and I will let you know how it went. Wow I couldnt believe the type of high pressure tactics they still use in places like Lewis Chevrolet in Atchison Kansas 66002. I saw these poor people sitting in line waiting to be taking advantage of. I saw one guy Donny who was very helpful but the other guys were like sharks in the water smelling blood! I bought a Subaru Forester advertised in the paper for $5,000 then marked down to $3000! The brakes were warped, the drive shafts were clicking loudly and the check engine light was on! I was told these were not going to be fixed along with a cracked windshield. It was originaly marked up to $8,000! I told the guys I only wanted to put down $1,300.00 since I had to fix it my self. But instead they arranged the paperwork showing $1,900.00 as a down payment! Stay away from Lewis Chevrolet in Atchison Kansas 66002!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Midwest Title Loans WILL Reposess Your Car or Truck Title!

Midwest title Loans located in Saint Joseph Missouri WILL repossess your car or truck title! Take it from someone who has experienced this nightmare when I was traveling with my 7 year old son. I don't know how to stress this enough other than putting this out on my blog. Not only will Midwest Title Loans repossess your car or truck title but they will as fast as they can damage your credit by putting a repossession on your record so that you can not buy another vehicle. I understand there is no way to get my vehicle back now but If I can Stop just one customer from falling into their trap I feel I have done my job. If I can remember right I believe their names were Lillie and a Wanda who talked me into taking out a loan which I could not afford. I first asked for a few hundred dollars to get caught up on some rent and bills and then this is when they replied, "Are You Sure That is Going to be Enough" They got me! Like a fool I said ok throw in a few hundred dollars more. That is when I learned that Midwest Title Loans will repossess your car or truck title and put it up on their auction block.
Midwest Title Loans

Your probably saying all you had to do was to just say No. Its not really that simple when money is being thrown at you in that fashion. But of course they are trained to do this type of upsell to line their own pockets having no regards for the public. Then again I fell for one of their, "30-days Free Interest' Specials. I knew I could pay the $300 back with no problem but the added upsell for another $300 I was Not prepared for. I will admit though my 2000 Chevy Blazer was in tip top condition with 170,000 miles on it. Not one oil leak anywhere. Of course it was all tuned up with new o2 sensors and I just installed a new front wheel bearing which was a pain. I kinda miss the old Blazer and am a little teed off loosing it in that fashion. So I guess the bottom line here is, Midwest Title Loans will repossess your car or truck title and leave you stranded like they did me. If I was to do this all over again I would of went to the other guys there on the Belt Highway in saint Joe Missouri. If you are already doing business with them remember you can still go to the other guys and get a better interest rate and have them buy your car or truck title from Midwest Title Loans and still save over 50%!!!!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Midwest Title Loans-When Car Title Loan Places Go Bad-Midwest Title Loans

Midwest Title Loans
Can you imagine the kind of profits Midwest Title Loans make at the end of the day? Not only can they charge you over 300% interest rates and get away with it, they also get to Reposes a couple vehicles for their auction block. You would have to have a very cold heart to work there in my opinion. Midwest Title Loans profits off the very poor and old who are not able to get loans anywhere else. So when car title loan places go bad like Midwest Title Loans, someone somewhere is going to have their car repossessed by the end of the day. I wonder what they do with all that money being made from the high interest rates and repossession of your cars or trucks. You would think making that kind of money day after day their office should look a little more professional. I remember reading an article which made me chuckle once titled, ‘when auto mechanics go bad.” Well that is why I am writing this one titled, “When Car Title Loan Places Go Bad.”

Possible Repossession for MWTL
Midwest Title Loans located in Saint Joseph Missouri at 603 S. Belt Hwy. will reposes your car or truck and not think twice about it. My family and I was stalked and followed through 3 counties and 2 states before they made their move on our car. The extra sets of keys you give them are used just for that purpose. It is my understanding that Missouri law states Midwest Title Loans was supposed to let me know repossession was eminent. I was never notified. The law also states Midwest title loans was supposed to let me know when and where my vehicle was being auctioned off and how much it was sold for. I was never notified. Midwest title Loans is supposed to let me know if there was a profit from my vehicle being sold and send me the difference from the $300 I owed them. I haven’t heard a thing from them. This is what happens when a car title loan place goes bad.

I saw a Television commercial saying they charge 50% less than other car title loan places like Midwest Title Loans. So I will tell you folks before you think about doing business with Midwest Title Loans in St. Joe Missouri shop around and save thousands of dollars in interest and the possibility of having your car or truck repossessed. This could happen to you when a car title loan place goes bad.

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