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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Visit Our New Site Today! Diagnose Car misfires


Wow I cant believe how many people visited my blog here! I counted over 120,000 so far! My 28 years expericnce have gone to good use as a Certified Engine Performance Expert through ASE. I really hope you have used these posts to help you save thousands of Dollars. I am impressed. Google only allows a certain amount materials to be posted and can shut you down anytime they feel like it. I have tune-ups,brakes, car buying scams, tips and DyI for you the consumer. I finally scraped up enough money to buy my own site so Google cant stop me with my tips and advice for you. This page surprising rose to a page Rank 4 before I gave up trying to keep in Googles Guidlines. I posted over 200 articles here, I will miss this old site. It may cost some money but I decided to get my own site to finish what I started here for you the consumer. Its kinda under construction now just wait until its a full functioning site in the Future! Contine to the New Site here at: Weekly advice and True Auto Repair Stories are mentioned here also. Please check it out at least and expect a LOT More in the upcoming Year! Thank you for being a loyal, I am a Disabled 28 year ASE Certified Repair Technician who would be called a whistle Blower. Please Bookmark Now and come back to see the progress of these BAD Automechanics!

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